In India, a young elephant trainer vows revenge against the cult that killed his family and, when the local Maharajah refuses to help, sets out alone to battle his enemy.

Sabaka is a 1954 American adventure film written, directed and co-produced by Frank Ferrin that was shot on location in India. Ferrin also produced and directed the television show Andy’s Gang where Nino Marcel as Gunga Ram’s series of Indian adventures appeared on the show. The film was originally released as The Hindu in 1953.

A young mahout helped by his friends, a tiger and an elephant, takes on an evil cult worshipping a fire breathing idol.

Nino Marcel as Gunga Ram
Boris Karloff as General Pollegar
Lou Krugman as Maharajah of Bakore
Reginald Denny as Sir Cedric
June Foray as Marku Ponjoy, High Priestess of Sabaka
Victor Jory as Ashok
Jay Novello as Damji
Lisa Howard as Indria
Peter Coe as Taru
Paul Marion as Kumar
Vito Scotti as Rama
Louis Merrill as Koobah
Jeanne Bates as Durga
K.K. Sinha as Fire Dancer

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