Earth is attacked by an intergalactic villain and his army of robotic androids.

Star Odyssey (Italian: Sette uomini d’oro nello spazio / Seven Gold Men in Space) is a 1979 Italian film directed by Alfonso Brescia. The film is also known as Space Odyssey, Metallica and Captive Planet in other video markets.

This is the fourth and final film in Alfonso Brescia’s sci-fi series, with the others being Cosmos: War of the Planets (1977, a.k.a. Year Zero War in Space), Battle of the Stars (1978, a.k.a. Battle in Interstellar Space), and War of the Robots (1978, a.k.a. Reactor).

One of four low-budget Italian space opera movies produced in the wake of Star Wars by Italian director Alfonso Brescia (under the pseudonym Al Bradley), the film takes place on Earth (now renamed “Sol 3”) in the year 2312. The planet is sold to an evil despot named Kress, who soon flies to “Sol 3” to start gathering humanoid slaves to sell to his evil counterparts. Defending “Sol 3” against the new owner is the kindly Professor Maury and his ragtag band of human and robot friends. Maury and his defenders set out to reclaim the planet from Kress and his cyborg army.

Yanti Somer as Irene
Gianni Garko as Dirk Laramie
Malisa Longo as Bridget
Chris Avram as Shawn
Ennio Balbo
Roberto Dell’Acqua as Norman
Aldo Amoroso Pioso
Nino Castelnuovo
Gianfranca Dionisi
Pino Ferrara
Aldo Funari
Cesare Gelli
Claudio Undari
Filippo Perrone
Franco Ressel as Commander Barr
Massimo Righi
Silvano Tranquilli
Claudio Zucchet

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