A nightclub dancer (Sally Rand) seeks vengeance for the murder of her father.

Sunset Murder Case is a 1938 American film directed by Louis J. Gasnier and starring Sally Rand and Esther Muir.

The film is also known as High Explosive in the United Kingdom.

After her policeman father is killed and nightclub singer Nina is murdered, Kathy posing as stripper Valarie goes to work underground to catch the gangster. Her boyfriend reporter Lou watches out for her.

Sally Rand as Kathy O’Connor – Peacock nightclub dance act – “Valarie”
Henry King as Master of Ceremonies
Esther Muir as Lora Wynne
Lona Andre as Nita Madera – Murder victim
Vince Barnett as Martin – Henchman
Kathryn Kane as Penny Nichols – Nightclub act – singer
Dennis Moore as Lou Fleming – Reporter
Reed Hadley as Oliver Helton
Paul Sutton as Bapti Stephani
Stanley Price as Eric Martin – Henchman
Frank O’Connor as Detective Sergeant Tom O’Connor
Mary Brodel as Jane Baird
George Douglas as Carlo Rossmore
Bruce Mitchell as Everett
Lester Dorr as Editor
Eddie Gordon as Rankin
Monte Carter as Staufer
Bill Duray as Intern

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