Custer’s Last Stand

When some men are attacked by Indians, a survivor obtains an Indian medicine arrow. An Indian tells Blade he has found gold but will not tell him where until he has that arrow. So Blade starts killing the survivors of the attack but fails to get the arrow. One of the men he kills is John Cardigan and Kit Cardigan, a Scout for Custer, now starts looking for the killer of his father.

Custer’s Last Stand is a 1936 American film serial based on the historical Custer’s Last Stand at the Little Bighorn River. It was directed by Elmer Clifton, and starred Rex Lease, William Farnum and Jack Mulhall. It was produced by the Poverty Row studio Stage & Screen Productions, which went bust shortly afterwards as a victim of the Great Depression. This serial stars many famous and popular B-Western actors as well as silent serial star Helen Gibson playing Calamity Jane, Frank McGlynn Jr. as General Custer, and Allen Greer as Wild Bill Hickock.

In April of the same year, the serial was edited into an 84-minute feature film, which was released under the same name.

The serial follows multiple plot threads, centering on a Medicine Arrow taken in battle and a secret gold mine, in the lead up to the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Rex Lease as Kit Cardigan and his father John C. Cardigan
Lona Andre as Belle Meade
William Farnum as James Fitzpatrick
Ruth Mix as Elizabeth Custer
Jack Mulhall as Lieutenant Cook
Nancy Caswell as Barbara Trent
George Chesebro as Lieutenant Frank Roberts
Dorothy Gulliver as Red Fawn
Frank McGlynn Jr. as General George A. Custer
Helen Gibson as Calamity Jane
Josef Swickard as Major Henry Trent, MD
Chief Thundercloud as Young Wolf
Allen Greer as Wild Bill Hickok
High Eagle as Crazy Horse
Howling Wolf as Sitting Bull

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