Gang Busters

Police detectives battle the League of Murdered Men, a gang of resurrected dead criminals.

Gang Busters is a 1942 Universal movie serial based on the radio series Gang Busters.

The city is terrorized by a crime wave masterminded by the elusive, soft-spoken Professor Mortis (Ralph Morgan) from his base in a forgotten cavern beneath the rails of the city’s subway line. Following the murder of his brother, police detective Bill Bannister (Kent Taylor), his partner Tim Nolan (Robert Armstrong), and police chief Martin O’Brien (Joseph Crehan) focus investigation on the activities of Mortis and his gang, and discover that the crimes were all perpetrated by men who had died some time ago, with new identities and kept alive by a formula of Mortis’s invention. Following the story is journalist Vicki Logan (Irene Hervey) and her photographer ‘Happy’ Haskins (Richard Davies).

Kent Taylor as Det. Lt. Bill Bannister
Irene Hervey as Vicki Logan, girl reporter
Ralph Morgan as Professor Mortis
Robert Armstrong as Det. Tim Nolan
Richard Davies as Happy Haskins, news photographer
Joseph Crehan as Police Chief Martin O’Brien
George Watts as Mayor Hansen
Ralf Harolde as Chief Henchman Halliger
William Haade as Henchman Mike Taboni
John Gallaudet as Henchman Wilkerson
George J. Lewis as Henchman Mason
Victor Zimmerman as Henchman Bernard
Johnnie Berkes as Newsboy-Henchman Grubb
Edward Emerson as “Frenchy” Ludoc
Pat O’Malley as the Police Scientist
Beatrice Roberts as the Chief’s Secretary
Riley Hill as Jim Bannister (Ch. 1)
Unknown Actor as Henchman Jake Jordan (Ch. 1)
Eddie Dean as Blair, ballistics expert (Chs. 1, 6)
Eddie Foster as Henchman Jerry Rogan (Chs. 3-4)
Unknown Actor as Henchman Batty Simms (Ch. 4)
Stanley Price as Henchman Corky Watts (Chs. 4-5)
Mickey Simpson as Bruiser, Ludoc’s bouncer (Ch. 7)
Karl Hackett as Henry, crooked watchman (Chs. 7-8)
Phil Warren as Henchman McKay (Chs. 8-9)
Jack Mulhall as Chemist Richards (Chs. 9, 11)
Jerry Jerome as Henchman Soupy Collins (Chs. 10-11)
Paul McVey as Attorney J.B. “Harry” Malloy (Ch. 12)

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