Life with Elizabeth

The day to day events in the lives of a newly married couple. Each episode consists of three short, unrelated sketches in which characters often break the imaginary fourth wall.

Life with Elizabeth is an American sitcom starring Betty White as Elizabeth and Del Moore as her husband Alvin; Jack Narz is the on-camera announcer and narrator. The series aired in syndication from October 7, 1953 to September 1, 1955. The show was the first of numerous sitcoms for Betty White across the decades and was based on sketches involving the Elizabeth character that she had performed on her earlier talk show Hollywood on Television.

The low-budget comedy was produced by and filmed at a local Los Angeles TV station where White and Moore were on the staff (the series was originally a live production on KLAC-TV in 1951). Betty White received her first Primetime Emmy Award nomination for her work on this series.

Elizabeth and Alvin are an ordinary suburban couple, but inevitably get into predicaments. In the end, Alvin, in variable degrees of frustration, would say, “I shall leave you at this point, Elizabeth” and would walk out of sight. The announcer would say, “Elizabeth, aren’t you ashamed?” She would slowly nod, but then, with a slightly devilish grin, would vigorously shake her head to indicate she wasn’t.

The series was divided into three eight- to ten-minute comic shorts — referred to as “incidents”. Sometimes an entire incident might just consist of the two main characters talking to each other. The minimal theme music was played by a solo harpist who was partially visible on the opening title screen.
Production notes

The series was created by George Tibbles who also served as a writer. The series was produced by Bandy Productions, a production company formed by Betty White and George Tibbles, in association with executive producer Don Fedderson. Nina Bara appeared in several episodes.

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