Sea Raiders

The Dead End Kids go after a gang known as the Sea Raiders, which is sinking Allied shipping.

Sea Raiders is a 1941 Universal film serial starring the Dead End Kids and Little Tough Guys. This was the teen stars’ second of three serials, between Junior G-Men (1940) and Junior G-Men of the Air (1942). Sea Raiders was the 52nd serial to be released by Universal (or the 120th if silent serials are counted). The plot concerns the heroes foiling Nazi attacks on American shipping.

The Sea Raiders, a band of foreign agents, led by Carl Tonjes, and secretly by Elliott Carlton, blow up a freighter on which Billy Adams and Toby Nelson have stowed away to avoid Brack Warren, a harbor patrol officer assigned to guard a new type of torpedo boat built by Billy’s brother, Tom Adams. Intended targets or not, getting blown up does not set well with Billy and Toby and, together with their gang coupled with the members of the Little Tough Guys, they find the Sea Raiders’ island hideout, investigate the seacoast underground arsenal of these saboteurs, get blasted from the air, dragged to their doom, become victims of the storm, entombed in a tunnel and even periled by a panther before they don the uniforms of some captured Sea Raiders and board a yacht that serves as headquarters for the Raiders.

Billy Halop as Billy Adams
Huntz Hall as Toby Nelson
Gabriel Dell as Bilge
Bernard Punsly as Butch
Hally Chester as Swab
Joe Recht as Lug
Reed Hadley as Carl Tonjes
William Hall as Brack Warren
Mary Field as Aggie Nelson
John McGuire as Tom Adams
Marcia Ralston as Leah Carlton
Edward Keane as Elliott Carlton
Stanley Blystone as Captain Olaf Nelson, chief henchman
Richard Alexander as Henchman Jenkins
Ernie Adams as Henchman Zeke

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