The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (coming soon)

A short plot summary finds Wild Bill Hickok (Bill Elliott), the U.S. Marshal in Abilene, Kansas, opposing the Phantom Raiders, a gang of renegades raiding the cattle drives over the Chisholm Trail from Texas to Abilene. Hickok organizes the boys of the town into the "Flaming Arrows" to assist him. Finally, in the 15th chapter, "Trail's End", Hickok, the "Flaming Arrows" and army scout Kit Lawson (Kermit Maynard) combine to put an end to the Phantom Raiders.

The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (1938) is a Columbia movie serial. It was the fourth of the fifty-seven serials released by Columbia and their first western serial. The serial was the first from a new production company, the previous three serials had been produced by Weiss Brothers.

Wild Bill Hickok, U.S. Marshal in Abilene, Kansas, is sent to stop the mysterious “Phantom Riders” from disrupting the cattle drives across the Chisholm Trail and construction of a new railroad.

Bill Elliott as Wild Bill Hickok, U.S. Marshal
Monte Blue as Mr Cameron
Carole Wayne as Ruth Cameron
Frankie Darro as Jerry/Little Brave Heart
Dickie Jones as Buddy
Sammy McKim as Boots
Kermit Maynard as Kit Lawson, Army scout
Roscoe Ates as Oscar ‘Snake-Eyes’ Smith
Monte Collins as Danny, printer
Reed Hadley as Jim Blakely
Chief Thundercloud as Chief Gray Eagle
Ray Mala as Little Elk
Robert Fiske as Morrell, villain and leader of the Phantom Raiders
Walter Wills as Joshua Bruce
J.P. McGowan as Scudder, trail Leader
Eddie Waller as Stone

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