The Oregon Trail (coming soon)

Wagon trains are not making it to Oregon and Jeff Scott has been sent to investigate. Morgan, the representitive of an eastern syndicate, controls the fur trade and does not want the area settled. So he sends his men lead by Bull Bragg to stop the latest wagon train. Scott is quickly on to Bragg and repeatedly captures him only to have him escape before he can reveal whom is responsible for the attacks.

The Oregon Trail is a 1939 Universal movie serial starring Johnny Mack Brown.

Jeff Scott is sent to investigate problems with wagon trains attempting to make the journey to Oregon. Sam Morgan has sent his henchmen, under lead-henchman Bull Bragg, to stop the wagon trains in order to maintain control of the fur trade in the area.

Johnny Mack Brown as Jeff Scott, in the last of four serials Brown made for Universal.
Louise Stanley as Margaret Mason
Fuzzy Knight as Deadwood Hawkins, Scott’s sidekick
Bill Cody, Jr. as Jimmie Clark
Edward LeSaint as John Mason
James Blaine as Sam Morgan, villain
Charles Stevens as “Breed”
Jack C. Smith as Bull Bragg, Sam Morgan’s main henchman
Roy Barcroft as Colonel Custer
Charles Murphy as Tompkins
Colin Kenny as Slade, a henchman
Forrest Taylor as Daggett, a henchman
Jim Toney as Idaho Ike

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