The Phantom of the West (coming soon)

A young man's father is murdered and the man convicted of the crime escapes prison, leaving a note intimating that seven local men know the real killer's true identity. The murdered man's son sets out to locate the seven men and find his father's slayer.

The Phantom of the West is a 1931 American Pre-Code Mascot western movie serial and was the second all-talking serial they produced.

Tom Tyler stars as Jim Lester, trying to prove that Francisco Cortez (Frank Lanning) is innocent of killing his own father. The real villain is the mysterious Phantom and his League of the Lawless.

Francisco Cortez escapes prison after serving fifteen years for the murder of Jim Lester’s father. He proclaim’s his innocence and lists seven men who may be the real killer, who uses the name “The Phantom”.

Tom Tyler as Jim Lester
William Desmond as Martin Blaine
Tom Santschi as Bud Landers
Dorothy Gulliver as Mona Cortez, Francisco Cortez’s daughter
Philo McCullough as Royce Macklin
Frank Lanning as Francisco Cortez, escaped convict falsely accused of murdering Jim Lester’s father
Tom Dugan as Oscar, Sheriff’s deputy and comic relief
Joe Bonomo as Keno, a gunman
Frank Hagney as Sheriff Jim H. Ryan
Hallie Sullivan as Ruby Blair
Kermit Maynard as Peter Drake
Dick Dickinson as Harvey Stewart

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