The Whispering Shadow

A mysterious criminal known as The Whispering Shadow commits crimes by means of a gang he controls by television and radio rays. Jack Norton, whose brother was murdered by The Whispering Shadow, suspects that the eerie Professor Strang - whose ghostly wax museum contains figures far too lifelike - may be involved in the crimes.

The Whispering Shadow is a 1933 American pre-Code serial film directed by Colbert Clark and Albert Herman and starring Béla Lugosi in his first of five serial roles. Lugosi received $10,000, the highest known salary of his career, for this film. The serial was filmed in 12 days and was the last role for actor Karl Dane.

The Shadow in The Whispering Shadow is the underworld mastermind. He has invented a device that allows him to kill by radio control. He, along with several other persons, seeks the Czar’s jewels. The series is notable for the constant false clues and decoy actions that make nearly everybody a suspect. Despite being the voice of The Shadow, Lugosi is a red herring.[1]

Bela Lugosi as Professor Adam Anton Strang
Viva Tattersall as Vera Strang
Malcolm McGregor as Jack Foster
Henry B. Walthall as J.D. Bradley – Company President
Robert Warwick as Detective Robert Raymond
Ethel Clayton as The Countess Helen (Chapters 5-8)
Roy D’Arcy as Professor Alexis Steinbeck
Karl Dane as Sparks – Dispatcher
Lloyd Whitlock as Young – Henchman No. 3
Bob Kortman as Jasper Slade – The Convict
Lafe McKee as D.W. Jerome – Company Vice President

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