White Eagle (coming soon)

White Eagle was raised by Indians after his father, a US army officer, was killed in an Indian raid. He believes that the Indians and the white settlers can live together and works towards that goal, but a gang leader who has his own reasons for not wanting peace between the two groups sets out to stir up as much trouble between them as he can.

White Eagle is the eighth serial released by Columbia Pictures and was based on a 1932 western film starring Buck Jones.

White Eagle, a Pony Express Rider, is the son of a massacred Army officer who has been raised by an Indian tribe. He believes himself to be the son of the tribal chief, and is working to get a peace treaty signed between the Indians and the white settlers. But ‘Dandy’ Darnell, a notorious and merciless outlaw, tries to keep the fight alive by sending his henchmen to stir up trouble, partly due to his wish to grab hundreds of thousands of acres in the western territories for himself and also to incite a war with the Indians along the territory. This serial was inspired by the 1932 movie of the same name, again starring Buck Jones in the title role.

Buck Jones as White Eagle
Raymond Hatton as Grizzly
Dorothy Fay as Janet Rand
James Craven as ‘Dandy’ Darnell
Chief Yowlachie as Chief Running Deer
Jack Ingram as Cantro
Charles King as Brace
John Merton as Ronimo
Roy Barcroft as ‘Poker’ Pendleton
George Chesebro as Blackie
Horace B. Carpenter as a Townsman
Edmund Cobb as Dave Rand
Richard Cramer as a Bartender
Kenne Duncan as Kirk
Al Ferguson as Butch
Charles K. French as Survey Chief
Edward Hearn as Mr. Gardner
Merrill McCormick as Trapper
Bud Osborne as Bart
Edward Peil Sr. as Sam Clarke
Jack Richardson as Express Agent Richardson
Evelyn Selbie as a Fat Squaw
Harry Tenbrook as Nash
Lloyd Whitlock as General Randolph
Yakima Canutt as a Henchman
Frank Ellis as a Henchman
Eddie Laughton as a Henchman
Charles Stevens as a Henchman
John Tyrrell as a Henchman
Silver as Silver, White Eagle’s horse

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