Wild West Days (coming soon)

Larry Munro has discovered a vein of platinum on his ranch. A group known as the Secret Seven has learned about it and plan to get the Munro Ranch. Kentucky Wade and his friends arrive to help Larry and are soon fighting off attempts on their lives by the henchman of the Secret Seven and the Indians they enlist by bribing them with rifles.

Wild West Days (1937) is a Universal film serial based on a western novel by W. R. Burnett. Directed by Ford Beebe and Clifford Smith and starring Johnny Mack Brown, George Shelley, Lynn Gilbert, Frank Yaconelli, Bob Kortman, Russell Simpson, and Walter Miller, it was the 103rd of the studio’s 137 serials (and the 35th with sound).

Larry and Lucy Munro own a hidden gold mine. Newspaper editor Matt Keeler wants the mine for himself and has Larry framed for to get it. Frontiersman Kentucky Wade – with Dude Hanford, Mike Morales and Trigger Benton – come to the Munros’ aid.


Johnny Mack Brown as Kentucky Wade, frontiersman and ex-lawman
George Shelley as Dude Hanford, one of Wade’s sidekicks
Lynn Gilbert as Lucy Munro
Frank Yaconelli as Mike Morales, one of Wade’s sidekicks
Bob Kortman as Trigger Benton, one of Wade’s sidekicks
Russell Simpson as Matt Keeler, villainous editor of The Brimstone News and member of the Secret Seven
Walter Miller as Doc Hardy, an old friend of Wade
Charles Stevens as Buckskin Frank, one of Keeler’s henchmen
Frank McGlynn Jr. as Larry Munro, goldmine owner framed by Keeler
Francis McDonald as Assayer Purvis, member of the Secret Seven
Al Bridge as Steve Claggett, one of Keeler’s henchmen
Chief Thunderbird as Chief Red Hatchet, one of Keeler’s henchmen
Robert McClung as Harmonica Kid
Edward LeSaint as Sheriff
Joseph W. Girard as Judge Lawrence

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