Overland with Kit Carson (coming soon)

Western settlers are being driven off their homesteads and ranches by a combination of Indian raids and attacks by bands of mysterious outlaws. The government sends out famed Indian scout Kit Carson and army officer David Brent to investigate, and Carson discovers that a villain named Pegleg controls an outlaw gang called the Black Raiders, and is using them and the Indians to drive out the settlers so he can establish his own empire. He determines to set a trap to expose the identity of Pegleg while avoiding traps and ambushes that Pegleg is setting for him.

Overland with Kit Carson (1939) was the eighth serial released by Columbia Pictures. Parts of the film were shot in Johnson Canyon and Kanab Canyon in Utah, and the Kiabab Forest in Arizona.

A mysterious outlaw known as Pegleg dreams of an empire in the vast, rich wilderness west of the Mississippi River. Army Lieurenant David Brent (Richard Fiske) is sent from Washington to persuade Kit Carson (Bill Elliott) to put an end to the reign of terror caused by Pegleg’s gang called the Black Raiders. Carson agrees and, in the course of his assignment, he meets and is attracted to Caremelita Gonzales (Iris Meredith), the adopted daughter of a Spanish grandee, Don Jose Gonzales (Frrancisco Moran), who is heading west via a wagon train. Escaping an avalanche started by Perleg’s henchmen, Kit captures Natchez (Dick Botiller), a Black Raider, and just as he is about to reveal the real identity of his boss, he is slain by Pegleg. As he seeks the killer, Kit narrowly escapes an Indian ambush and rides to warn the trappers and citizens at Stewart’s Post that Pegleg intends to massacre them. The Black Raiders attack the post, but Pegleg, using his true identity, lures Caremelita to “safety.”

Bill Elliott as Kit Carson
Iris Meredith as Carmelita González
Richard Fiske as Lt. David Brent
Bobby Clack as Andy Gardner
Trevor Bardette as Trapper Mitchell
LeRoy Mason as Baxter
Olin Francis as Pierre
James Craig as Tennessee
Francis Sayles as Dr. Parker
Kenneth MacDonald as Winchester
Dick Curtis as Drake
Richard Botiller as Natchez
Hal Taliaferro as Jim Stewart
John Tyrrell as Capt. Gilbert
Kenne Duncan as Trapper

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