Scouts to the Rescue (coming soon)

Filmed in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Sonora, California, this Universal serial is Universal's 40th sound-era serial. Eagle Scout Bruce Scott, leader of Martinsville Troop Number One, and his pack sets off in search of lost treasure and finds adventure.

Scouts to the Rescue is a 1939 Universal film serial directed by Alan James and Ray Taylor. It starred Jackie Cooper and Bill Cody Jr.

A troop of Boy Scouts use a treasure map to find a stash of counterfeit notes and a lost tribe with a secret Radium deposit.

Jackie Cooper as Bruce Scott, leader of the Scout Troop
David Durand as Rip Rawson
Bill Cody, Jr. as Skeets Scanlon
Vondell Darr as Mary Scanlon
William Ruhl as Hal Marvin, a G-Man on the trail of the counterfeiters
Sidney Miller as Hermie, a Boy Scout
Ivan Miller as Turk Mortensen
Edwin Stanley as Pat Scanlon
Ralph Dunn as Pug O’Toole, a gangster
George Regas as Lukolu, high priest of the lost tribe
Jack Mulhall as Scoutmaster Hale
Jason Robards, Sr. as Doc, a gangster
Dick Botiller as Leeka, Leader of Warriors
Victor Adams as Hurst, a heavy
Max Wagner as Joe, a henchman

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