The Miracle Rider

Texas Ranger tries to stop takeover of Indian lands.

The Miracle Rider is a 1935 Mascot movie serial directed by B. Reeves Eason and Armand Schaefer. The serial stars silent movie cowboy star Tom Mix in his last major film role.

Zaroff (Charles Middleton), a rancher and oil company owner, wants to drive the Ravenhead Indians off their reservation so that he can mine the rare element X-94, a super explosive, found there and sell it to the highest bidder. Texas Ranger Tom Morgan tries to stop him and save the tribe.

Tom Mix as Tom Morgan, Texas Ranger
Joan Gale as Ruth
Charles Middleton as Zaroff, a rancher and oil company owner
Robert Frazer as Chief Black Wing
Niles Welch as Metzger
Jason Robards Sr. as Carlton (billed as Jason Robards)
Bob Kortman as Longboat
Edward Earle as Christopher Adams, Indian Agent
Edward Hearn as Emil Janss
Tom London as Sewell, one of Zaroff’s henchmen
Edmund Cobb as Vining, one of Zaroff’s henchmen
Ernie Adams as John Stelter
Max Wagner as Morley, one of Zaroff’s henchmen
Charles King as Hatton, one of Zaroff’s henchmen
Stanley Price as Chapman, one of Zaroff’s henchmen
George Chesebro as Crossman, Janss Hand
Tex Cooper as Buffalo Bill (uncredited)
Bud Geary as Davy Crockett (uncredited)
Pat O’Malley as Capt. Sam Morgan (uncredited)
Jay Wilsey as Daniel Boone/Henchmen (uncredited)

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