Jungle Queen

A young girl journeys to Africa to find her father, an explorer who vanished in the jungle.

Jungle Queen (1945) is a Universal movie serial. Material from this serial was re-edited into the feature film Jungle Safari (1956).

In 1939, Nazi Germany sends a team of agents to incite revolt and seize British Middle Africa as a first step in conquering Africa. Attempting to place their own sympathiser in charge of the local tribe, they face resistance from Pamela Courtney searching for her Uncle Allen Courtney, a pair of American volunteers and the mysterious Jungle Queen Lothel, who appears out of nowhere in her nightgown to give advice and instructions to the tribe.

Edward Norris as Bob Elliot
Eddie Quillan as Chuck Kelly
Douglass Dumbrille as Lang, the Nazi villain
Lois Collier as Pamela Courtney
Ruth Roman as Lothel, Jungle Queen
Tala Birell as Dr. Elise Bork
Clarence Muse as Kyba
Cy Kendall as Tambosa Tim
Clinton Rosemond as Godac
Lumsden Hare as Mr X
Lester Matthews as Commissioner Braham Chatterton
Napoleon Simpson as Maati
Budd Buster as Jungle Jack
Emmett Smith as Noma
Jim Basquette as Orbon

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